Your coolest trip to Turkey with the WOW Mosaic School
25-30 november 2022
Istanbul Mosaic Shool "Mozaik Terapi", Moda, Kadıköy
€ 1650
One last spot
It´s not a joke, we are really coming to Istanbul!
Here´s what´s waiting for you there
Luca Barberini
Luca Barberini was born in 1981 in Ravenna, the true Mecca of mosaics. In a city like this you hardly have a chance to grow up anything but a mosaicist, and Luca went to get his degree in the Gino Severini Art Institute.
In 2005, together with his wife Arianna Gallo, he opens Koko Mosaico - a studio where, like in WOW Mosaic School, they teach both experienced artists and beginners.

Critics say that Luca´s works are "pushing the boundaries of mosaic techniques" and note their "remarkable originality and power of expression". He regularly collaborates with famous modern artists, participates in international mosaics symposiums and displays his art at personal and joint exhibitions.
About the workshop
Are you ready for a three-day master class from one of the leading mosaicists of today Luca Barberini?
On the first day you´ll learn where internationally acclaimed masters get their inspiration, and on the second and third days you will create your own mosaic under the guidance of a famous artist.
We will work in a unique author's technique using smalt and stained glass. In class, you will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ask maestro any questions!
What a workshop — just WOW!
25 - 30 november 2022
25 november
25 november
Day 1 of the workshop
It's going to be a real show from a mosaics maestro!
26 november
26 november
Guided tours
First day is for exploring the underground city! We will visit some flooded water reservoirs, churches and palace ruins. Most of them are normally closed for tourists, but we know who to call to get into the coolest places ;) It´s going to be an exciting adventure!
27-28 november
27-28 november
Days 2 and 3 of the workshop
Creating a mosaic under the guidance of a famous artist!
We will work in a unique author´s technique using smalt and stained glass. You´ll be able to ask the maestro any questions. A chance like that only happens once in a lifetime!
29 november
29 november
Guided tours
On the second day we will be exploring the Golden Horn districts. You´ll see lines and lines of the traditional buildings, painted dizzyingly bright colors. Life goes on there the same way it did hundreds of years ago, and we will even get a chance to see some remnants of the Bysantine and Ottoman Empires.
We have planned visits to 21 spots of the city - intense? You bet!
Guided tours
The program of our mosaic journey is ready - trust us, it will be unforgettable! We will visit the prime mosaic landmarks of Istanbul, peek into some secret places and certainly will go where every self-respecting mosaicist wants to go - to the Hagia Sophia Grand Mosque!

Even the most experienced traveller would hardly be able to organize the itinerary we have come up with. You'd need mosaic intuition!
Guided tour of Istanbul. Day 1
What we´ll see that day:
Hafiz Mustafa Sultanahmet, Hagia Sophia, the Hippodrome square and Sphendone, Serefiye cistern, the Magnaura Palace, Great Palace Mosaic Museum, bathhouse ruins next to the Four Seasons hotel, Basilica cistern, the Palace of Boukoleon, Soğuk Çeşme street
Guided tour of Istanbul. Day 2
That day we'll see:
Aya Nikola Church, the Gate of Cibali, police station in Cibali, Gül Mosque (Saint Theodosia church), old Sibyan school, Ayakapi bathhouse, stone mansions of Fener, The Maraşlı Greek Primary School, Fener Greek Orthodox Patriarchy, Red School, Church of the Saint Mary of the Mongols, The Palace of Dimitrie Cantemir, Bulgarian St. Stephen Palace, Cifit Bazaar, Merdivenli Yokus street, Leon Brudo´s House, the Çana Synagogue ruins, Balat UNESCO buildings, Agora Meyhanesi.

Valid until the 12 of november 2022
€ 1650
  • A workshop with the famous Luca Barberini
  • Guided tours of Istanbul

You can refund 50% of the payment back not later than 2 weeks before the event.
The payment will not be refunded less than 14 days before the event.
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